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In Memorium...

I wanted to take a few moments to discuss the passing of my friend and neighbor, Agnes, who died recently after a long bout with metastatic cancer.  Like my mother, Agnes is someone who had breast cancer several years ago and had remained cancer-free for years.  After her initial treatment, I believe that she felt very confident and relieved that cancer was part of her past...something that she was done with.  As a former cancer patient, Agnes was very diligent about her regular screenings and didn't have any reason to feel that she was under threat from another illness.

When a person has survived cancer and lived for a number of years, it seems that they feel both extra vulnerable and yet somehow resistant to cancer.  After all, we all have to die...if you've already had the dreaded cancer, it seems reasonable to feel that something else will do you in.  But more and more, I am encountering women who are experiencing multiple bouts of breast cancer.  While I do not wish to stir up any controversies regarding mammography, I would just urge women to consider prevention to the earliest possible age.  Especially for women with high-risk factor (like myself) there are many things that we can do to reduce our chances.  Things as simple as reducing alcohol intake and eating a plant-centered diet and exercising regularly can be beneficial.

Nothing is certain in life, but we can be certain that what we eat and drink contribute to the unfolding of our genetic destiny....

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